Staying ahead of wedding planning surprises

Planning a wedding in Goa can have you come across plenty of surprises, being prepared for them in advance will have you stay prepared to what is coming your way. Remember what you plan on paper is  always going to see variations, the more flexible you are the less you will be stressed out.

The degree of difficulty in sourcing materials, vendors and services remain the same throughout the planning process. Whether you are planning a casual gathering or a formal affair in Goa , the type of effort and time would remain nearly the same. Unfortunately there isn’t a default setting here as there are a plenty of factors such as time of the year, your likes and dislikes when it comes to setting out a causal or even an over the top customized celebration.

When you think of it, did you notice your close friends shrug when you missed a day out with friends citing that you were picking out the flowers or your home has now turned into a library of  catalogs, sample folders and other material? Take a step back, planning has its stresses, going overboard or obsessing about with your friends and family may be a little too much than what they can handle.

Being able to express your thoughts and ideas to your planner or vendors would lead to no duplication of efforts. Avoid frequent changes if ideas or changing your views. If you are unsure of something, ask for some time rather than make a hasty decision. Often in the process ideas change every now and them, finalizing on a theme or venues or flowers after clarity and references of pictures or videos  will avoid everyone wandering down the wrong road.

You will always have those tiny-winy moments when you will cry due to the stress  or frustration  when things aren’t going as planned or  how it should have been. Let things play out and letting it go is always the best way forward. Your families may sometimes add to the stresses of planning citing their own difficulties,  keeping calm will see you sail through.

Building a buffer  budget for the occasion will take care of the last minute unavoidable expenses and climate panic if any. Allocating a 3%-5% buffer to the budget  in the beginning will not have you worried just in case you need to spend on unforeseen expenses.

There often comes a point where you feel that your fiancé isn’t very interested in the planning process, you may seem to be the only one doing the heavy lifting. Truth be told he is but he just does want to make a big deal about it. Certain decisions like choosing the color or picking out the flowers would be better simply taken by you. The music that the bands play, the bar menu or maybe even the honeymoon is what you could delegate at the beginning to your fiance. Taking it a step at a time will help your fiancé slowly take on handling the other aspects that need to be looked into.

The co-worker saying “the band isn’t great” or the uncle saying “these dates don’t cut it”, well, there are plenty of opinions flying around, also a lot of advice, some of which you may like and some of which you may not. Keeping away from the negative chatter and using their positivity to good use pays off.

The ‘bridezilla’ moment is an exception you can’t make or sometimes can’t avoid. The good news is that it has happened to almost every bride, you are going to look back at it and have a hearty laugh.